Technical pipes

"Plastmodern" produces a wide range of high-quality polyethylene pipes. They are applied in various areas of household and industry.

Since the end of the 20th century polyethylene pipe use has grown enormously for installation of water-supply system, technical wastewater disposal system, electrical grid and telecommunications network security system, due to its technical characteristics. Plastic pipes are 2-4 times lighter than metal or asbestos cement pipes. They are resistant to corrosion and many aggressive chemicals, flexible, have low rate of thermal conductivity and very smooth internal surface. It is easy to process and install them.

“Plastmodern” produces technical pipes for building external and internal pipeline networks, free-flow sewage system, water-supply pipelines (non-potable water) as well as for protection of electric power cables from mechanical damages (hidden, including underground laying), for telecommunications cabling (external telephone conduit), for internal anticorrosive protective layer in steel free-flow pipelines in accordance with the State Standard В.2.7-151: 2008.

Basic advantages of such pipes:

Environmentally friendly

Polymeric pipes comply with modern ecological requirements. They are characterized by durability, operational reliability and wonderful ecological properties. Quality of water transported by polymeric pipelines is few times higher, than in water-supply systems of other materials. Polyethylene pipes may be used several times longer than the same ones of metal or asbestos cement. They are resistant to the most of aggressive environments.

Comfortable installation

Polyethylene pipes are efficient at transporting and installation - coiled, 2-4 times lighter than metal ones; they may be connected without any additional consumables (insulation, electrodes). Pipeline may be installed by extending. High flexibility allows to make the turns of route by bending, at the same time, butt welding of polyethylene pipes is less expensive, easier and requires less time, than ones of metal. Thermistor fittings are used by connection of polyethylene pipes, at the same time the welding is quicklier and easier. Polyethylene pipelines are reusable and the repeated installation is cheap.

Safety and durability

The use of polyethylene pipes is more comfortable and safe than the use of pipes of other materials. Frozen water inside the low pressure polyethylene pipes does not damage it, and pressure water pipelines of low pressure polyethylene withstand variable soil load even during earthquakes. Pipes have maintenance guarantees for up to 50 years. “Plastmodern” has got a technical supervision department that conducts laboratory tests in order to check the compliance with the Standards.


Polyethylene pipes are characterized by low price, low-cost installation and transporting that guarantees additional efficiency of any building.

External diameter of the pipe, mm


"ML" – middle-light


«M» - medium «H» - heavy


(mm) Wall thickness (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Wall thickness
Ø16 - - 2,0
Ø20 - - 2,0
Ø25 - 2,0 2,3
Ø32 - 2,0 3,0
Ø40 - 2,3 3,7
Ø50 - 2,9 4,6
Ø63 - 3,6 5,8
Ø75 2,9 4,3 6,9
Ø90 3,5 5,1 8,2
Ø110 4,3 6,3 -

«M» and «H» pipes of 16-110mm Ø are produced in coils, "ML" pipes of 75-102mm Ø are divided into sections of 10-12m, "ML" pipes are devided only into sections. Pipes of certain coil and section sizes are available to order.