Technical film

Technical film is produced by recycling of polyethylene with the addition of pigments, stabilizers and other additives. These films are valid for 1-2 years.

Lightness, resistance to mechanical influences, chemicals, wind, sunlight, sharp temperature fluctuation and precipitations. Technical tape is universal in application.


The film is applied in building for protection and insulation of building constructions, for various construction works (facade, foundation, roof and finishing) and also for protecting from wind. The film is applied for road construction in order to separate the layers of road surface;


This type of film is applied in agriculture for soil mulching, for covering of silo pits (therefore it is often called a silo film); seldom – because of its low ability to absorb sunrays - as cover for greenhouses, haylage storages and hotbeds;


Technical film is a good package for nonfood goods provided that high transparency of the material is not necessary. For example, for boxes, building materials or furniture.