Stretch film

Stretch film can stretch to about 100-350%. In comparison with the ordinary polyethylene (PE) films it is highly resistant to puncture and break. This film also sticks to itself and does not stick to the packed goods. Unique properties of the stretch film help it to take the leading positions in the industry of transport and food packaging. In some industries stretch film is better than shrink film.

PE stretch film (or so-called pallet film) is widely applied in the industry of transport and technical packaging. It serves for packing of different goods of various sizes on pallets by rotational wrapping for protection of goods while transporting, warehousing, storing against environmental influence, plundering and for speeding up and facilitation of loading and unloading.

To date the packing market is one of the most developing markets in Ukraine. Development of production, inflow of foreign producers, gradual shift to the western standards of packing and transporting necessitate the use of new materials, including stretch film. In comparison with developed countries we are considerably behind at consumption of stretch film per capita (1 kg - in Europe and only 0,1 kg - in Ukraine). It is a sign of considerable potential for development of this market.

Depending on the application, the following types of the stretch film are distinguished:

- Hand film (stretches to 200 %);

- Machine film (stretches to 300 %);

- Machine film POWER (stretches to about 350%).

Stretch film is produced in the following sizes:

Film thickness, mm


Weight of 1 m², g


Density (m²/1 kg) Film width, mm


0,017 15,6 64,1 200-1000
0,020 18,4 54,3 200-1000
0,023 21,4 46,72  200-1000
0,025 23,0 43,5  200-1000

Advantages of using stretch film:

  1. Reduces the price of package in comparison with the similar ones (shrink film, cardboard package etc);
  2. Film has high physical and mechanical indexes and has ability to restore its size after stretching to 350 %, this guarantees the economic efficiency of the package;
  3. High resistance to puncture, break and blow;
  4. The use of stretch film helps to save time for packing of goods;
  5. Environmentally friendly.