Seedling trays

"Plastmodern" produces a wide range of plastic seedling trays and pallets for them.

Seedling trays are special plastic containers, consisting of separate small cells, perfectly suitable for growing and transporting of seedlings. Growing seedlings in trays promotes maximal establishment, good growth and development of plants, safe transporting and protection. Trays are characterized by long lifetime, usability and convenience for maintaining seedlings (watering, fertilizing and transplantation).

Advantages of trays:

  • Low price;
  • Reusable;
  • Do not occupy a lot of room at storage;
  • A lot of plants may be placed in a small area;
  • Create comfortable conditions for maintaining plants;
  • Provide equal development of plants;
  • Protect plants during transporting;
  • Drainage holes in each cell without sharp edges and burrs;
  • Thus the root system of seedling remains undamaged while transplanting from the tray.

Tray thickness0,75 – 0,80; 0,65 – 0,80

Wall thickness 0,60 – 0,65

Material: polystyrene