Metalpolymer roofing cover

Having analyzed the existent roofing materials the experts of "Plastmodern" created reliable, aesthetic and functional roofing. Our company has created metalpolymer roofing cover "Metaplast" designed to cover sloping roofs, sheds, wall fences and structural parts, external residential, public and household buildings finishing.

Polymer roofing cover is produced flat and corrugated. Corrugated roofing cover is used for external wall siding and roofing, and flat roofing cover for internal wall and ceiling covering. This material is successfully used for covering of residential buildings, cottages, buildings of recreation centers, guesthouses, hotels, entertainment centers as well as for covering of manufacturing centers.

"Metaplast" is a composite construction, which combines durability of metal and lightness, atmospheric resistance and various ranges of colours of polymer covering.

The roofing material is made of two foam polymer layers reinforced by welded metal grid and the third layer (upper layer) with good colour maintaining and light-stabilyzing properties (that’s why it is resistant to the effect of sunrays). The whole construction is then pressed, thus preventing from separation into layers. Multilayer structure of this roofing cover provides its better thermoinsulation and soundproofing properties. Produced material is chemical-resistant and resistant to aggressive environments (salt, diluted acid solutions, alkali). Almost absolute waterproofing prevents corrosion and rotting.

Basic advantages of this innovative roofing material:

Aesthetics and great potential for architectural design.

Four colours are available (blue, green, chocolate and red); flexibility and easy cutting make architectural design of any complexity possible.

Efficiency of new material is charatcterized by two factors:

First, installing does not require highly qualified workers and special equipment due to special design of the roofing cover. It is easy to cut and install the material. Light weight (1 m2 weights 4 kg) does not require construction of powerful truss system.

Secondly, this material of high quality and durability has middle price. It is much cheaper than such materials as natural tiles, quality metal tiles, profiled sheeting and much more durable than cheap bitumen roofing.

Environmentally friendly.

In comparison with asbestos roofing “Metaplast” is absolutely safe material. It does not emit any toxic fumes even in the hot sun. L.I. Medved’s Research Center of Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical Safety has conducted the researches, that showed that the use of “Metaplast” does not cause problems.

Corrugated polymer sheets (“Metaplast”) installation instructions:

“Metaplast” sheets are fastened to lathing with screw nails with anticorrosion polymer protective cover cap of the same colour as the sheet.

Having locked the cap, it is necessary to cut the bride between both its parts.

Apertures for nails are drilled on the odd (counting from the edge) corrugations at a distance of 80 mm from the lower sheet edge.

Nail expenditure – 7 pieces per 1 m2.

The sheet is put on the lathing without effort: the ends of sheets are fastened, then intermediate corrugations are fastened starting from the middle. Thus the sheet maintains its linear dimension. The first sheet is installed by overlapping the lathing for one corrugation. The next sheets are installed by overloading the previous sheet for one corrugation. Having installed the first eaves row, the second row is installed. The second row is installed by overlapping for 7 cm from the edge of the first sheet. The second row of sheets is installed from the half sheet so that the lateral overlap is of 3 instead of 4 sheets. For this purpose the sheet is sawed in two pieces along the corrugation with a circular saw or hack saw. Having installed the first and the second row, all the other rows are installed; all the odd rows are installed as the first row, all the even – as the second one.

Bends and deformations of the sheets are not allowed while transporting or moving to the installation area.




the Ukrainian Technical conditions 2.7-6-00209651.270-2000


Actual values


1 Bending strength MPa, not less than 20,0 162,0
2 Impact strength, kJ / m2, not less than 15,0 70,0
3 Watertproof, h, not less than 24,0 Stood at pressure of 0,49 MPa (5,0 kgf / cm2)


4 Frostproof, the number of cycles of alternate freezing and defrosting without any sign of destruction 35 withstood 40 cycles without any sign of destruction


5 Tensile strength, MPa, not less than:

- lengthwise

- transverse






6 elongation at break

- lengthwise

- transverse




7 Change in linear sizes after 6 h at a temperature of 80 ° С 0
8 Maximum deviation from nominal size of sheets, mm : - lengthwise – breadthways ± 20

± 30


"Metaplast" Characteristics

Size of sheets:

- vertically (height) - 840 mm (770 mm of usable area, 70 mm area for overlap is marked by the black line), the size of overlap is one corrugation long id est 110 mm;

- horizontally (length) 6000 mm;

The ridge is made at 120º, the size – 180 х 180 х a 2000 mm

The sheet is fastened on the odd (counting from the edge) corrugations at a distance of 80 mm from the lower sheet edge; nail expenditure – 7 pieces per 1 m2 of the roofing cover; it is recommended to use screw nails with anticorrosion cover of 80 mm length and protective polythene caps with function of a shim under nail head (PrJSC "Plastmodern" provides you with above-listed items);

Available cololurs of "Metaplast" : blue (RAL 5005), green – “obolon" colour (RAL 6005), dark-chocolate (RAL 8017), red (RAL 3009).

Welded grid is a reinforcement that prevents material from “deformation” temperature drop from - 40 ° С to 80 ° С;

The required number of sheets is calculated (taking into account overlapping and cutting) according to such factors:

S of roofing х 1,2 - for 2- or 4-pitched roofs;

S of roofing х 1,3-1,4 - for complicated design of roofing.

Characteristics of corrugated metalpolymer roofing cover "Metaplast"



Metaplast (Ukraine)


Sheet width (vertically), mm 840
Sheet length (horizontally), mm 6000
Sheet thickness, mm 4,00
Total area of sheet surface, m2 5,04
Weight 1 m2, kg 4,00
Total weight of sheet, kg 20,84