About us

shutterstock_167893682In 1991 the group of leading experts of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of machinery and equipment development for processing of plastics, rubber and faux leather (USRIplastmash) founded the company "Plastmodern". It should be noted that USRIplastmash was the main organization in the polymer mechanical engineering industry in the USSR, thus enabling its former workers to apply acquired experience and knowledge in the new company. They embodied in the activity of "Plastmodern" not only modern technologies but also scientific approach that ensured a permanent improvement and development of production.

An industrial base with a total area of more than10,000 square meters and film production with monthly production capacity of 1500 tons currently make "Plastmodern" one of the biggest enterprises in Ukraine for processing of polymeric materials.

The "Plastmodern" products are in high demand among all the spheres of activity involving agriculture, building, individual and group packing, including foodstuff, pastry, drinks, glass packaging, building materials other types of products. Permanent innovative and research activity allows the company to meet the polymer material needs for production and everyday life.

The company took the third place in the EBRD Business Project Competition. The company was rewarded with diploma of the winner of the National Business Rating "Branch leader ", with diploma for participating in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "State and Prospects of Development of Machine Building, Technologies of Production and Processing of Plastics", with diplomas for active participation in exhibitions and fairs.

Basic information:

Location: Ukraine, Kyiv Region, urban village Kotsubynske

Date of establishment: 1991

Trade area: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan.

ISO 9001:2008 (Quality management systems – Requirements) is adopted and applied by our company. In the following industries:

  • processing of polymeric materials;
  • production of packing film;
  • production of building and agricultural film;
  • production of polyethylene pipes;
  • production of metal polymer slate.



  • Shrink film
    Shrink film is the cheapest type of packaging that is applied on any types of domestic and foreign equipment for bottling of mineral water and juice into PET bottles such as Tetra Pak for tinned food, coffee, glass and other packaging. For shrink film production "Plastmodern"...
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  • Stretch film
    Stretch film can stretch to about 100-350%. In comparison with the ordinary polyethylene (PE) films it is highly resistant to puncture and break. This film also sticks to itself and does not stick to the packed goods. Unique properties of the stretch film help it to...
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  • Packaging film with colour print, multilayer
    "Plstmodern" produces multilayer (monolayer) packaging polyethylene film (black-and-white) with six-coloured flexographic printing for packaging milk, kefir, mayonnaise, salt etc. Our products combine ideally quality and price. The matter is that the film is popular due to its high barrier properties. Production engineers often call it “film...
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  • Polyvinylbutyral film
    Polyvinylbutyral is a resin mostly used for agglutination of materials that require strong binding, has optical transparency, adhesion to many surfaces, durability and flexibility. "Plastmodern" develops technological process of production of unique polyvinyl butyral film (PVB) that is used for production of safety glass "TRIPLEX". Safety...
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  • Greenhouse film, stabilize
    “Plastmodern” is the first company in Ukraine which has developed and mastered the industrial production of greenhouse film with the width up to 12 m and with the lifetime up to 3 years. The film is produced by extrusion by means of blowing of low-density polyethylene...
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  • Drip irrigation tape AQUASTREAM
    Drip irrigation tape AQUASTREAM is a method of watering the plants so that small amount of water is delivered close to the root zone through special emitting devices. Drip irrigation saves water and reduces spendings. Drip irrigation stimulates early crop and does not cause soil erosion....
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  • Soil mulching film with holes
    Mulching is an effective method of increasing the yield of plants: prevents the growth of weeds, does not require the use of herbicides; saves water in the soil, perfectly combining with drip irrigation system; keeps soil loose and prevents the formation of crust on it; plants under...
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  • Soil mulching film
    Mulching is a soil covering with polyethylene film for prevention evaporation of moisture from the soil and overheating. Mulching is a way to improve physical and agronomic properties of soil and effectiveness of mineral nutrition of agricultural plants. The use of plastic mulching films for getting...
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  • Seedling trays
    "Plastmodern" produces a wide range of plastic seedling trays and pallets for them. Seedling trays are special plastic containers, consisting of separate small cells, perfectly suitable for growing and transporting of seedlings. Growing seedlings in trays promotes maximal establishment, good growth and development of plants, safe...
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  • Polystyrene tape and sheets
    Our company produces and sells materials for modern safe and presentable packing – polystyrene film and sheet. Polystyrene is a modern material that is a good choice for creation of high-quality packaging. Egg cartons, trays, containers, container for packing of meat, milk and other foodstuffs, including...
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