Product: Production

Technical film

Technical film is produced by recycling of polyethylene with the addition of pigments, stabilizers and other additives. These films are valid for 1-2 years. Advantages: Lightness, resistance to mechanical influences, chemicals, wind, sunlight, sharp temperature fluctuation and precipitations. Technical tape is universal in application. Application: Building. The film is applied in building for protection and…

Anti-Static film

Anti-Static film is a packaging material with property to disperse static electricity. Static electricity is accumulated on the surface of objects as a result of friction one over another. Extraordinary properties of the film enable to protect statics sensible objects from negative impact of the parasitic electromagnetic fields during continuous storage or transporting. This film…

Polyethylene film (ordinary)

Polyethylene film (ordinary) is the thin layer of material made of polyethylene. A packing polyethylene has such properties, as elasticity, water resistance, frost resistance and is hygienical. Polyethylene film is absolutely safe for health; it can be used even for production of goods for children. Such film is applied for building and repair works. This…