Soil mulching film with holes

Mulching is an effective method of increasing the yield of plants:

  • prevents the growth of weeds, does not require the use of herbicides;
  • saves water in the soil, perfectly combining with drip irrigation system;
  • keeps soil loose and prevents the formation of crust on it;
  • plants under the film form more roots.

Limited Liability Company "Scientific and Production Firm “Plastmodern” produce mulching films with apertures for planting, including "breathable" films, with additional application of microperforation.

Duration of operation - 2 years, film Light-stabilized (protected from destruction of ultraviolet rays).

Type: canvas or half-sleeved
Diameter of holes: 50 and 80 mm
Thickness: 20 to 70 microns
Number of rows of holes along the width of the roll: up to 6
Width: up to 1200 mm
Distance between rows of openings: 130 mm or more
Winding Length: 250 m or more
Between the openings along the length of the roll: 100 mm or more