Shrink film

Shrink film is the cheapest type of packaging that is applied on any types of domestic and foreign equipment for bottling of mineral water and juice into PET bottles such as Tetra Pak for tinned food, coffee, glass and other packaging.

For shrink film production "Plastmodern" has created the unique polymeric composite formulae. They provide the universality of the film and make it applicable for all types of packaging lines as well as enable to provide high tension at packing and to provide its safety. Given quantity in composite films produced by “Plastmodern” is 1,3 times higher than in ordinary shrink film.

Shrink films are available in different colours, can contain information about producer (including logotype, trademark and other printed pictures). They may be light-stabilized for long storage of packed products in the open air.

Advantages of shrink film:

  • protects products from external mechanical damage;
  • prevents deformation of goods;
  • prolongs the pull date of foodstuff;
  • enables to analyze visually the package contents;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • universal use for different purposes;
  • economy of cargo preparation for transporting.

 Basic characteristics of the film:

  • Sheet thickness from 300 to 2000 mm;
  • Width of semi-sleeves from 500 to 1500 mm;
  • Sleeve width from 500 to 2800 mm with fold;
  • Film thickness from 40 to 250 microns.