Polystyrene sheets and films (PS)

Our company produces and sells materials for modern safe and presentable packing – polystyrene film and sheet.

Polystyrene is a modern material that is a good choice for creation of high-quality packaging. Egg cartons, trays, containers, container for packing of meat, milk and other foodstuffs, including edible fats, lunchboxes, industrial forms, advertisement products are made of polystyrene film.

Advantages of polystyrene packaging: safe for a human health (confirmed by relevant documents), compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and high durability. Polystyrene film is famous for its good properties such as lightness, durability, thermal resistance, waterproofing, resistance to acids and alkalis. Polystyrene is one of the most common plastics due to its low price. It is tough material that is easily processable. Polystyrene is well formed at high temperature. Besides, polystyrene packaging looks very well.

Polystyrene sheets are produced by extruding of homogenized polymer alloy. Our extruding production line may produce multi-layer polystyrene film, thus enabling painting layers in different colours. A maximum width of polystyrene film is up to 980 mm. Thickness of polystyrene film is 0,18-1,50 mm. Polystyrene film is rolled on polyethylene coils in compliance with the Ukrainian Technical conditions 6-05-1609-77 or on cardboard coils in compliance with the Ukrainian Technical conditions 13-0287151-23-94 with internal diameter of 76 mm. Film is available in any colour.

Contact our experts and they will advise you about properties, processing, and application of the material. In accordance with your wishes they will select an individual formula. It is possible to get samples for testing. We may process raw materials (as well as secondary raw materials) of the customer.