Packaging film with colour print

"Plstmodern" produces multilayer (monolayer) packaging polyethylene film (black-and-white) with six-coloured flexographic printing for packaging milk, kefir, mayonnaise, salt etc. Our products combine ideally quality and price. The matter is that the film is popular due to its high barrier properties. Production engineers often call it “film with internal barrier layer” it is clearly associated with density, leakproofness, ability to increase considerably the lifetime of finished products. Film is produced in accordance with the Ukrainian Technical conditions 25.2.16401787.005-2001.

Basic characteristics of the film:

Film thickness , mm


Weight of 1 m² , g


Quantity (m² /1 kg)


Film width, mm


0,080 73,6 13,6 320 х 80
0,090 82,8 12,1 320 х 90