Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation AQUASTREAM is a method of watering the plants so that small amount of water is delivered close to the root zone through special emitting devices. Drip irrigation saves water and reduces spendings. Drip irrigation stimulates early crop and does not cause soil erosion.

Drip irrigation tape AQUASTREAM is a high-quality product for watering of plants. This tape is used for watering of the root zone. It may be applied in the open space (orchard and vegetable gardens) as well as in hotbeds and greenhouses. The tape is safe for plants because it is not overheated by ultraviolet. Material of this tape is highly resistant to damages. The tape may be placed directly on the soil due to its moisture-resistant properties. It is easily fastened to the pipeline. This product will be in use for a long time.

Advantages of drip irrigation system:

  • Provides the plants with optimum soil moisture;
  • Provides slow water inflow thus maintaining oxygen in the root zone. The rootage can breathe during irrigation;
  • Emitting devices are placed directly into the root zone that promotes the growth of the roots with sufficient amount of fibrilla. As a result the consumption of water and nutrients is better.
  • Soluble mineral fertilizers are injected directly to the root zone while such watering so that the plants absorb nutritives more intensively. It is an effective way of fertilizing, especially in dry regions;
  • This irrigation system prevents pouring water on foliage and fruits, reducing the risk of disease;
  • It is possible to look after plants, harvest while such irrigation because the soil remains dry enabling free movement between plants;
  • The proper area is irrigated and there is no water loss in peripheral area.
  • It is possible to provide irrigation of areas on rugger locality, here absent losses of water on a peripheral flow. The waste of water is minimal because only root zone is irrigated (from 35% to 65% of total area of the plot);
  • Drip irrigation leaches intensively salt from the surrounding area thus enabling growing plants in mild salt soil. Salt accumulation along the borders does not affect the development of plants. The rootage absorbs water and nutritives from the leached soil zones;
  • Labour costs for watering are reduced significantly.