Greenhouse films

“Plastmodern” is the first company in Ukraine which has developed and mastered the industrial production of greenhouse film with the width up to 12 m and with the lifetime up to 3 years.

The film is produced by extrusion by means of blowing of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with the addition of stabilizers. The film is characterized by high resistance to atmospheric influences, ultraviolet radiation and can be applied during several growing seasons.

While producing the greenhouse film for special purposes it is necessary to add stabilizers as well as antifoggant and infrared radiation absorber. During the operation of such films water steam condenses on the surface as thin water layer and does not influence the absorption of light, thus preventing sunburns because of "lens effect" (passing of sunlight through the condensed drops). The infrared radiation absorber prevents the loss of longwave infrared radiation, thus enabling to maintain constant temperature inside the greenhouse (especially at night) and to protect plants, sensitive to temperature drop.

Advantages of greenhouse films:

  • the use of film for covering of greenhouses reduces the cost plan ten times;
  • comfortable and fast installation of greenhouses;
  • create ideal conditions for plants;
  • such greenhouses are more portable and can be disassembled easily and installed elsewhere;
  • resistant to environmental influences.

Basic characteristics of greenhouse film:

  • sleeve width from 1000 to 6000 mm with fold;
  • film thickness from 80 to 150 microns.